Party on Board !!

DJ Lıve Performance On Board

DJ services are provided upon request to entertain you with music for events and celebrations. We choose the right kind of music, according to your mood and nature of the event, to keep the guests well-engaged and entertained.

Whether it’s a birthday party, family gathering, wedding or any other event you are willing to celebrate on a luxurious yacht, our DJ services will double the fun. Your suggestions will be accepted and appreciated every time, as customer satisfaction is what we want to achieve. So, it’s time to enjoy this complimentary service and let it act as a bonus in your yachting experience.

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Feel Free on Board

Yoga On Board

Yoga can give you whatever you want. If you want flexibility you can have it if you want to release your emotions you can if you want to go beyond your mind you can.

Yoga is not a sport, Yoga is a way of life the same as your every step in your life and preferences.

You know you are valuable and you know very well you deserve the best for yourself. All worth the same as your yacht holiday in Turkey.

With this point of view, we provide yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, emotional detoxification, and vegan food consultancy on a yacht to make your blue voyage impeccable!

If you want yoga on a yacht, let us know and we will plan your trip with yoga. There different types of options. We will determine together. It all worth it!

Our yoga teacher completed Yoga Teacher Training in India, Rishikesh that is the capital of yoga in the World. She is ready to spread knowledge with you on the hearth of the serenity sea.

Discover the bright side of Turkey with us

Organızed Trıps to the Turkısh rıvıera

Get a shiny smile while in holiday

Dental Health Servıces ın Turkey

Would you like to quickly check your teeth or have a German implant in 2 hours?

If your answer yes, you need to contact with us and create an appointment while on your blue voyage.

Dentist services and german implant with fairy price just 2 minutes away from your yacht marina. For more info, please get inform us of your extra needs.