The Turkish gateway for sailors: Göcek

Göcek:A corner of Heaven in Turkey with its bays, harbors, islands, beaches, marinas, natural and historical beauties. Along with its wind and sea, chartered boats and yachts awaiting you for the blue voyage

Location: 36°45’11.00″ N – 28°56’8.00″ E

Göcek offers different lifestyle, travel, and supply options for those who go on a blue voyage. A boat or yacht, is located between Dalaman and Fethiye.

It is surrounded by pine woods, cute, and contains 6 full-blown marinas, restaurants, cafes, many supermarkets. In addition, it also has bowling, a tennis club, a tennis court, and Turkish baths. It calls out to nature, quiet, yacht, boat, and sea enthusiasts. Along with luxury vacationers with Rixos Premium, Rixos Premium Villas, and D-Resort Hotels.

Göcek is one of the heavenly places in Turkey and the World. It is a small but unique coastal town attached to the Fethiye District of Muğla. At the point where the Taurus mountains end in the Mediterranean.

Göcek was a small and quiet village that was being used as a port for MOPAK and various mining companies before 1980. With the development of tourism in Turkey and the investments in the yachting industry, sea-loving sailing and yacht enthusiasts from all over the world have discovered Göcek. And its fans have exponentially increased ever since.

Göcek, apart from its unique bays, islands, sea, nature ornamented with orange and lemon trees. It is united with its surrounding ancient cities. like Fethiye (Telmessos), Dalyan (Kaunos), Sarıgerme, Dalaman, and the historical and touristic places in these districts. It is the most beautiful location in Turkey in its category.

How to go there
It is very easy to reach. It is 17km from Dalaman Airport, and can be reached in 15 minutes from there. There are Fethiye shuttles and taxis from the airport, and minibus lines from downtown.

Wind and Sea

The prevailing zephyr winds start in the afternoon from the North-Northwest. And continue until the evening from the start of the season (March 15 – May 25) to the end of the season (September 15 – October 15). In August and September, which are the high season the zephyr winds are between 11 and 27 knots and rarely ever reach 30 knots. The southern winds are harsh in Göcek Gulf but the southern winds are only encountered outside the summer season.

We recommend to sailing enthusiasts to spend the calm and windless mornings with breakfast, swimming, diving, or sunbathing on the deck. And get ready of the winds near noon.

Who Should Sail in Göcek

Göcek Bay and Fethiye Gulf are some of the best places for sailing sport. And these are great spots for all sea enthusiasts with their many islands, wonderful bays, and beaches. Whether you are a schooner lover or a sailboat enthusiast. Or prefer a motor yacht, the choice of speed and comfort lovers. This is the perfect spot for all kinds of boats, yachts, and blue voyages.

Göcek and Fethiye have locations and routes suitable for all sailing enthusiasts. From beginners to experts, where they can catch the ideal winds. We advise the beginners in sailing to avoid the Yedi Burunlar (Seven Capes) area during the harsh zephyr winds at the beginning and end of the season.

Private Charter Boat and Rent Alternatives 

The rental boat and yacht types in Göcek are Schooner, Motor Yacht, Catamaran, and Sailboats. The Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with staff or bareboat. (port, transit, fuel, and all other expenses paid by the renters). Moreover, bareboat renting, skipper, and cook renting are also alternatives. For trips with a friend group or business activity, yacht agencies renting sailboats or catamaran flotillas can be found. 
Göcek Boat And Yacht Rental >>>

We should remind that we don’t just rent the yacht or boat and leave our guests to their fates. During Blue Voyage we constantly monitor your voyage, we offer mail, hairdressing, massage, shopping, private helicopter, or jet rental services for you to have the perfect vacation on and off the board…  We offer you a better service and quality of life by actualizing your similar demands and requests with our “Yacht Concierge” service.

Concierge Services in Turkey

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