A guide to the top Turkish vacation destination: Bodrum

Bodrum yacht charter

Guide to Bodrum Yacht Charter, Sailing & Blue Voyage Routes, Private Charter Yachts and Boats.

When we hear the word Bodrum, most of us first think of the turquoise sea, white houses and that song singing ‘Bodrum Bodrum’. Cute white houses sprawling from Göktepe’s hillsides towards the sea, narrow alleys, the historical castle and of course, sailboats and charter yachts over the blue sea.

Bodrum is situated right across the Greek island of Kos, inside Güllük Bay. Turgutreis, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalıkavak, Güvercinlik and Torba districts located around Bodrum have become the most popular districts for vacationists because of its hotels, motels and hostels.

With the advantage of its location in the middle of Mediterranean and Aegean climate bands, Bodrum has a habitable weather both in summer and in winter. Humidity is almost non-existent, just like Marmaris, Fethiye and Göcek.

Concerning night life and entertainment, Bodrum is Muğla’s leader. In summer months, it’s the leader in whole of Turkey. Bars, large and small, discos and clubs are open for party lovers in Bodrum all year long.

In the market that opens in Bodrum, you can find clothes on Tuesday and food on Friday.

Bodrum is built upon the remains of Halicarnassos, the capital of the ancient Karia civilization, and has been the place for mariners all along history.

The ancient castle built between the two bays of Bodrum by the Saint-Jean Knights of Rhodes has been restored and is being used as a museum of marine archaeology.

The Bodrum castle is like a lighthouse for sailors, you can see the castle from the deck of your ship, even when you’re very far from it. There are two bays in which boats can anchor on the eastern and western sides of Bodrum Castle. The bay to the east was settled by Cretan immigrants, and called “Roman Neighborhood” The western bay is called “Turkish Neighborhood”.

The architecture of Bodrum is generally based upon single story, white houses. The Bodrum Gulf deserves being visited with its bays, sea, beaches, entertainment venues, history and nature. Be it from the land or the sea, by chartering a boat or yacht, we suggest you discover these beauties with a Blue Tour.

Bodrum is a wonderful vacation spot for nature sports, apart from its natural beauty, sea, history, beaches and Boat, Bodrum yacht charter  vacations and Hotels. The most popular nature sports in Bodrum are:

Water sports: scuba diving and underwater photography being the first in line, sailing, swimming, canoes, diving, wind surf and water ski.

Nature sports: Jeep safari, bicycle tours, trekking, paragliding, and camping are the most popular ones.

Bodrum is the center of scuba diving tourism in Turkey with its more than 15 dive points. It offers wonderful alternatives for diving enthusiats with ancient underwater ruins and natural beauties. In addition to many fish and octopus species found in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, there are many other tropical fish in Bodrum. Apart from the Mediterranean and Aegean flora and fauna, Bodrum offers different caves and tunnels and even meteor craters. There are many dive schools and diving shops in Bodrum.

How to Go to Bodrum;

There are bus lines operating from almost anywhere in Turkey to Bodrum, which is very easy to reach by land or by air. There are two nearby airports to Bodrum. Milas airport is 30 kilometers, and Dalaman airport is 210 kilometers away from Bodrum. There are regular minibus lines operating within Bodrum to all of its districts. There are Bodrum shuttles and taxis from Milas airport, and minibus lines from downtown Milas.

With Adriyachts, we are offering our guests who rent Private Schooners , Motor Yachts, Sailboats, Catamaran Ships or Yachts  Private and free Airport Transfer service from Bodrum and Dalaman.

If you want to enjoy a difference and admire this unique nature covered with pine forests in which green and blue come together with our helicopter in Dalaman or Bodrum, see the bays and beaches from the air and reach your yacht on a chopper, call us to get information about our Private Helicopter Transfer.

Wind and Sea in Bodrum

Although only zephyrs rule in Bodrum in summer, in spring and autumn heavy winds from the South must be paid attention to.  Bodrum’s wind is most appropriately examined as north and south. Northern winds which are dominant in summer months, are replaced by southern winds in spring and autumn. The speed of northern winds coming from high hills to the shoreline are about 6 to 8 nautical miles.

Southern Side of Bodrum Peninsula

These bays are protected from the north and open to southern winds. We advise you to be wary of southern winds in the beginning (April 15 – May 20) and end of the season (September 10) and anchor accordingly.

Who Should Sail in Bodrum Bay

Bodrum has locations and routes suitable for all sailing enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, where they can catch the ideal winds. You may be a sailing beginner or expert, there are routes and locations where you can catch the ideal winds. In the times of year when there are heavy winds, we advise beginners to join in a flotilla or sail with an experienced friend.

Private Bodrum Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals Alternatives:

It is possible to rent a boat or yacht in Bodrum, just like in all the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Charter boats and yachts are generally classical Bodrum-made wooden Schooners, Motor Yachts, Sail Boats and Sail Catamarans. The Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with staff or bareboat (fuel and all other expenses paid by the renters). For trips with a friend group or business activity, yacht agencies renting sailboat flotillas can be found in Bodrum. Moreover, bareboat renting, skipper and cook renting are also alternatives. Bodrum Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals >>>

We should remind that  we don’t just rent the yacht or boat and leave our guests to their fates. During Blue Voyage we constantly monitor your voyage, we offer mail, hairdressing, massage, shopping, private helicopter or jet rental services for you to have the perfect vacation on and off board…  We offer you a better service and quality of life by actualizing your similar demands and requests with our “Yacht Concierge” service.

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